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Previews of projects by Leon Denise
Photo of monitor by Anete Lusina

About Leon Denise

Léon Denise is programming shaders. He uses tools from video games to explore and experiment with digital playgrounds. His work is about image filters, displacement effects, particles behaviours and mathematical sculptures. Photo by Gloria Marillier

About Cookie Collective

Léon Denise participates in the Cookie Collective which gathers digital artists involved in real-time creation. This covers video games, art installations, video mapping, demoscene, live coding, etc.
Photo by Gloria Marillier

About Neon Minuit

Leon Denise is part of a duo with Dorian Rigal. Neon Minuit captures pieces of reality to stage them in their playground: the virtual world. Their artistic approach is inspired by scientific experimentation and serendipity. Their works are about immersive interactive digital art.

Recent projects